Ivana Goláňová

Ivana is a CBT therapist, crisis intervention counselor and an endless
student of psychology.

She graduated from psychology in Charles University in Czech Republic
with specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology and Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy at Center of Cognitive Psychotherapy in Mexico with
specialization in Schema Therapy. In therapy, she applies evidence based
CBT techniques enriched by principles of positive psychology, crisis
intervention, cross-cultural therapy, and third wave CBT.

Being a traveler, her approach in therapy and counseling is influenced
by long term stays in different countries. That is why she is drawn to
working online with people from all around the world. Originally from
Czechia, she used to live in Spain and Mexico, and Iceland is her home.
She speaks Czech, English, and Spanish and conducts her consultations in
all those languages. She enjoys different cultural aspects and
adaptation to a new environment. Moreover, she likes working with people
who do not perceive relationships and sexuality as a monotonous constant
and differ from the generally accepted norm.